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I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead — LiveJournal

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March 26th, 2010

01:43 am - Movin' on!
Greetings all:

I'm movin' on to Wordpress. Any further info on my comic can be found on Lefty Limbo, my new blog. Haven't dedicated a section to it yet, but for now it'll reside in my Drawing Bored category. Meanwhile you can still write to me at teenflipskin @ yahoo.com.

Updates: I'm making a companion CD to the first ten issues, and will make one for every ten issues after that. Consider it a kind of soundtrack to my story. I figure if I"m going to present a visual recollection, the music of the era is just as important...if not even more so! I'll be emailing all of you who have already purchased the first 10 issues so I can send you the CD.

I've decided to really get serious about dishing out the rest of this story so I'm aiming for issues 11-20 to be done by June 2010. I have some preview pages of 11-15 which I'll be posting up at Lefty Limbo by tomorrow so check 'em out.

See yaz,

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October 19th, 2009

12:47 am - I know, I know...
Man! Totally embarrassing to be writing so many months later with no progress. Life's been hectic but the story's getting underway. On the last panel of #15 finally so I'll put em out soon. In the meantime though, if you're interested in my other creative ventures, I did finish something non-scene related. Check it out on Etsy.

See ya soon,

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May 8th, 2009

08:52 pm - Been a long time...
I know I haven't been here for awhile...but #11-15 are jusssst about done. Some other news....

In further reminiscence of the good ol' days, I started a group on Facebook:

Those Were The Days: L.A.'s '80s Mod/Ska Underground

This actually has a Blogger counterpart, but I've really enjoyed the community aspect of the Facebook group that I've pretty much neglected the Blogger one...poor thing, oh well.

So far it has 143 members and growing. It's been a great place to reconnect and feel young again, waving away the cobwebs of old memories and making everything brand new. Ironically I haven't yet introduced my comic to the group...I will eventually.

Quimby's in Chicago has sold 2 of the 5 packs of comics which I've sent them. Cool, cool.

Keep in touch...talk to you all soon.

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March 18th, 2009

07:37 pm - Giant Robot???

comic review in giant robot

Ok, so I guess my comics have made their appearance in Giant Robot #58...which is awesome, since they've got a lot of readers, and cool, hip, weird and artsy ones at that. Crazy.

Funny thing is, I never received any notice or word that I'd be in the mag...I sent some copies of my comics to them way back in December and never heard back. So I guess this is the result...totally worth the wait!

Woo...now I really have to get on the ball. Man! People are starting to think that this is only about me being a mod! Gotta get the rest of the issues out bigtime.

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March 12th, 2009

01:13 pm - Off to Quimby's

last stack

So there you have it folks, the last five bundles about to be shipped off to Quimby's in Chicago. Hope they make it safely...get ready Chicago!

Ah. Back to the press. Hey, I'm gonna scan some spreads from #11-15, just so you all know that it's in progress. Sorry for such the long delay.

Also, I found some really cool old stuff stashed in some bins in my garage. Stuff that hasn't seen the light of day since like 20 years ago. Woo hoo! Scan-a-rama =)


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February 23rd, 2009

04:06 pm - At last...the interview
It's finally up. Part One, at least. Now you'll be able to read my whole story before the comics are finished. I'm actually really psyched about this, and after talking to Bobby we're thinking of starting a blog in commemoration of our old stomping grounds, Gino's night club. There's gotta be other people out there with some great memories and photos of that place.

Anyways, enjoy...

L.A. Story: A Retrospective on the L.A. Mod and Skinhead Scenes. (Part 1)

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February 12th, 2009

07:26 pm - Skinheads of Asia documentary
I was given a link to this documentary earlier, but it wouldn't play over on Babelgum. So I found it somewhere else, and it seems to work fine:

Skinheads of Asia

It focuses on an Indonesian skinhead and his crew, plus it covers some skins in Hanover, Germany. The cool thing about the Indonesian skin is he said he discovered the movement through the book The Spirit of 69: A Skinhead Bible...a must read for skinheads and anyone curious about skinhead culture (I own it). I'm actually still waiting for it to load (it's 50-odd minutes long). Tell ya more later.

Seems my comic's caused a little bit of a buzz over at skinheads.net. Hmm.

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January 24th, 2009

07:41 pm - Comic debut at the Derby Dolls
Thanks to my meeting with Alonso of Xochico.com, I've managed to get three packs of comics into this evening's Derby Dolls event downtown. Hope they sell!

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January 15th, 2009

06:34 pm - Soon come
Happy New Year to you all!

I'm still working on the interview which I'd been handed sometime around New Year's...geez...but it's just about done so it'll be up soon.

Haven't touched the comics at all since I got this interview, but I'm on #14...I'll post some previews here just so you know I'm working on something, right?

It'd be great to just dish all these comics out in one big crank...but alas, I'm a pop, a hubby and a working class citizen...cheers...

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December 29th, 2008

07:19 am - *ugh*
Good & bad news:

Hepcat shows were awesome; actually brought my whole stash o' comics up there but weren't assembled for sale (no merch either, so I wasn't about to try to set up shop just for them)...met Ray Jacildo of Soul Captives, actually one of my very first customers...big up big up, cool dood!

Got totally sick after coming home, just barely recovering now but was bed-ridden tues-friday...freakin' sux...will get back into the swing of things right away, gotta finish this by first week of January! Hang in there and thanks for all the recent orders =)

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